Bring the value to testnet tokens

All blockchains have testnet tokens. They are widely used in new protocols, smart contracts and blockchin itself development. Mostly you can acquire these tokens for free from special faucets.

You can't buy these tokens: it is unprofitable for an exchange to list them, since the collected fees will also cost nothing.

Please welcome: testnet.exchange

We list testnet tokens for all main blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereun, EOS, etc. You can exchange testnet tokens as for 'valuable' cryptocurrencies, as for other testnet tokens too.

Being a blockchain developer, sometimes you need to have a lot of testnet tokens to test and debug your code, but you can aquire only a few tokens from faucets. Now you can buy them here.

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Our code is open sourced

We have developed frontend and backend for an exchange based on ViaBTC trading engine. Since our development process may not be fishined yet, check our GitHub page for more details and up-to-date updates.

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The Team

Nik Dementev

Web Developer


Alexey Bykhun

Blockchain Developer


Daniil Okhlopkov

Product Manager


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